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“You can’t do this!  I’ll tell the agency and they’ll fire you!  You’ll never be able to work again!”  Mr. Brown was furious.  He ranted on, yelling and shaking his fist after me all the way to my car.  As I reached the curb, he hurled his parting volley, designed to be the lowest blow he could deliver:  “Harelip!”

In Incidental Handicap: One Woman’s Faith Journey, author Richelle Cross Force shares her intriguing story of self-acceptance while growing up with cleft lip and palate.  Against a backdrop of the tragic death of her father and circumstances leading to emotional anguish, a  smoking habit and overindulgence in alcohol, she develops a life-altering relationship with Christ, to whom she dedicates her life.  Exotic travels, run-ins with colorful characters, and her ability to spread the word of Christ amid miraculous circumstances make for a gripping book that will renew your faith in God.

The most common birth defect in the United States, cleft lip and/or palate affects one in every 600 newborns.  The author unveils the agony that can lurk behind a facial deformity, while at the same time managing to be humorous and entertaining.  Complemented by a collection of Richelle’s brilliantly conceived, spirit-elevating songs, this book is sure to broaden your vision and uplift your soul.

“I was captivated by Richelle’s story.”

“Her heartwarming story walks readers through her despair and ultimate victory over society’s prejudice and judgment toward those who ‘look’ different.”

“You truly are a wonderful model of someone who has accepted and overcome a disability very successfully.”