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Love-Letter from Jesus: Come to the SaviorLove-Letter From Jesus
Come to the Savior

Carol Santoiemma’s new book, Love-Letter From Jesus: Come to the Savior, invites the reader to establish an intimate, personal, love relationship with Jesus. Throughout the book, salvation is continually stressed. Getting to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, growth in Him, living for Him and serving Him is the essence of this book.

This book can serve to help Christians re-establish their relationship with Jesus; or, it can help non-Christians learn the basics of God’s love, and His plan of Salvation. It is also an excellent tool for missionaries, study groups, Evangelists, or anyone wishing to partake in the Great Commission.

Dear reader, Carol prayed for you, and every reader personally, that God will touch your heart, through “Love-Letter.”

“Come to the Savior,” and see what answer to prayer awaits for you!