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“Mr. Hart has shown with this work of fiction, that he has an intriguing love and knowledge of scripture not to mention a deep emotional love and attachment to dogs. For Christian fundamentalists there are scenes that will run up to the edge of the Biblical cliff and then save you with the many intriguing possibilities. I feel that, ‘If Jesus Had a Dog’ is a well written tail (oops) tale, by this incredibly, ingenious author. I highly recommend it!”  Patti Ansuini, author of Spirit of the Warhorse, Kitty Silverwings

“I enjoyed this book so much. I hope that this author will continue  to write. If felt like being right there with Jesus and his dog as they went through the things that happened in their lives. God bless you and keep writing, please! I wish that every author would make you feel like this after completing a book. So wonderful and so inspiring. I have never read another book like this one.”  Sandra Kvien

These are just a couple of reviews taken from my selling page on Amazon…thanks for the kinds words. DHH

300,000,000 Christians worldwide have a dog!  Tens of millions more have a pet of some sort. Many of these Christian families  consider their pet a member of the “family”. Perhaps you are one yourself!

Now, view Jesus as you’ve never thought of him before. Experience his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection as witnessed through the eyes of his BEST FRIEND-his dog! This book blends the deep emotional attachment people have with their pets, and their personal relationship they have with God-as lived by Jesus.

The life and ministry of Jesus will never seem as real as it does in this story…from the manger to the cross…with his dog along his side all the way.