Why this Book?


I DID NOT write this book to entertain you, although you will be!

I DID NOT write this book to get you to laugh or cry, although you may do both.

I DID NOT write this book to offend anyone, although some will be.

I DID write this book however  so young people especially, could read a gripping story about Jesus (staying on a pretty strict path of scripture) so they would then be curious enough, on THEIR OWN,  to explore the message of Jesus. After reading my book I trust you too will see the value of this for young people.  For what young person does not LOVE a story about a dog? DHH

Dear Mr. Hart,

“I loved your book,  If Jesus Had a Dog. I couldn’t put it down, each page was so engrossing you just don’t want to stop, even at the end of each chapter. This note is to let you know I’d like to order five more books, three for my grandsons and two for friends and family. May God bless you Donald and I hope and pray you sell lots of your inspiring book and open the minds of young one’s and the old one’s as well to the truth and blessing knowing Jesus Christ.”  A.I. , California