Awesome Book by Sharon Stigler  “What a great book! It is a wonderful read for young or old. Staying true to scripture there is fact blended with a wonderful story all of us who love our LORD and especially those who love our dogs can relate to and soon we find ourselves along on the amazing journey. I was curious at first because the concept was quite unique and then quickly wondered…why wouldn’t JESUS have had a dog?”

Very Nicely Done by Sandra Bernsen (author  “This is  a book of Jesus’ life from conception to crucifixation with one added ingredient; man’s best friend. Mr. Hart incorporates this dog into Jesus’ life nearly seamlessly. He also uses scripture quotes frequently, however the chosen quotes are always used in a non-preaching approach. The story conveys the love and emotions of the people and “Sho”, the dog. The author approaches ‘what if Jesus really DID have a dog?’ with great care to hold true to Biblical accuracy. Because this is a book of fiction, the situations involving the dog have been created. I truly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone that would like to ponder-What “If Jesus Had a Dog”? What would that have been like?  Thank you Mr. Hart for sharing your book with me.”

Great Book! by Kathleen Fleming  “This book tackled the life of Jesus by interjecting His fictional relationship with Sho, a dog given to Him by God as an earthly protector. From the birth of Jesus through His death, Sho lived each day beside his master through the trials and tribulations borne by Jesus during His life. If Jesus Had a Dog tells stories as told in the Bible, quoting scripture and explaning the culture that existed at the time. Truly, it gave me a new found appreciation and perspective of Jesus as a multi-dimensional man living on earth with human-like compassion for his dog-something I, as a dog lover, can relate to. As a child, when I was confronted with the loss of my first dog, Cuddles, I was consoled by a dream about Dog Heaven. I won’t give away the ending of the book but suffice it to say that I’m sure the Sho’s soul dwells there in peace with Cuddles. I highly recommend this book!”

I read very few books that strike me like this one did. This book is destined to be a top seller  by Tom O’Conner “This book took my faith and imagination to a new level.  Mr. Hart thank you for showing me a novel way to view Jesus as a man, not just a religious icon. The way you blended fact and fiction was genius! No kidding, I am recommending this not only to my Christian friends but every dog owner I know! Keep up the good word/work.”