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Was Jesus of Nazareth truly the Son of God?

A clay tablet from the 1st Century is found in the ancient ruins of a village in Israel, with writing and a name on it—from the 21st Century.

Solving the riddle of the Pyramids, along with a unique form of gold found on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission, coupled with the mystery of the Zodiac Constellations—a mixed group of scientists and archeologists uncover an apparent time travel corridor—to the year 30AD.

Is this science for real? Is the group for real? Or is it all a ruse to hide a terrorist cell planning massive mayhem and destruction? The Department of Homeland Security wants to know.

One determined person, along with an avowed atheist, journey back to 1st Century Israel to find the evidence of who Jesus really was.

Was he a man with his own agenda? Was he a deluded prophet? Or was he the Son of God?

An uninvited traveler joins them on this journey bent on a private mission of self-justification and revenge.

What they discover and reveal, will not only change their lives—but will impact the course of human history forever.

Beneath the Turbulence consist of two books in one:

Volume One is: The Journey – packed with the excitement of science unraveled along with the doubting Department of Homeland Security following its own course of action.

Volume Two is: The Journal – the exciting record of what they encounter and discover 2000 years ago – today.

Both volumes, with multiple twists, turns and surprizes are included in “Beneath the Turbulence”.

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