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Nom du livre : MoiNom du livre : Moi
le seigneur ; je déteste et je trouve indigne qu’on prenne quelque chose de force(ésaie61v8)

This book is for you to talk about the purpose or purposes of a violation, the purpose of rape is a trap arranged by the devil, the reason for this violation is to destroy us mentally and morally, physically, history, it speaks of a girl of 12 years was raped by 3 men in different places as referring, this girl has now 30 years old and is remarried and has 5 children; I wrote this book to help anyone who has been raped; I did this book to tell them, being raped, or violates it traumatizes us, when we are raped, we are immersed in trauma, only Jesus can deliver us from the trauma which is organized by the devil, and he delivered from my this trauma and he can do to all who ask for help, we can stay injury without knowing me but Christ has shown me that I was traumatized, I have to tell you this book to forgive his people, because its people are doing what the devil stole, the devil wanted to shame in us and trauma; say we destroy is the message of God jean10v10, the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy ; me, and I have come that humans may have life and have it abundantly; me I was lucky I’m not dead, but this violates in this world there is someone who is dying of violating any days, but Jesus tells us, father, forgive them for they know not what they do; luc23v34, that’s why I made the book for you to say amen to forgive