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Our Time Will Tell
It’s not where or when you arrive, it’s taking the Journey that counts!

This story is an inspiring illustration of how to live life fully in spite of the heartache and pains we face on the journey of life. “Everyone should read this book; it’s about, seasons of life, healing, restoration, hope, purpose, and destiny. You may be going through difficult life changes, but regardless of the circumstances you face God will make a way for you to overcome it all.  He did for Faye, and as you follow her journey through the seasons of her life, you will be inspired and your faith strengthened. God brought her through like pure gold refined through the fire, and He will do the same for you.” Bishop Jannette Napier, Founder of Shabach Outreach Ministries International.

My reflections of the journey of life are bound together in this story of God’s transforming power, even in the darkest of times. This book gives you the essence of living a life that matters. It will help increase your level of faith and confidence. It challenges you to take full control of your circumstance. Even when death, divorce and despair try its best to destroy us, God gives us the power to take control and make positive changes toward living life abundantly.

  • Now is the time to overcome the many challenges you have experienced.
  • Expand your vision, increase your self-confidence, and utilize the power within.
  • Embrace the challenges.
  • It’s time to stop taking it out on ourselves, and let God take the self out of us!

I have a burning passion to see everyone come to know the depth of God’s love, to discover their purpose and appreciate their value. Maxixe-Faye Wilson-Billet was a residential social worker for thirty seven years; also a pastor, Christ centred counsellor, and retreat host for the past seventeen years.