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If you are, or have been the victim of slanderous words from your spouse, your child, family, friends or even a stranger, then you know the effects can be devastating. Maybe you or someone you know has been the target of false accusations, name calling or even bullying and you have never really recovered from it. Whether they look down on you for what you don’t have, or they are intimidated by what you do have, words hurt. When a person speaks negative of you it does not define you; it confirms that there is something special about you that you cannot see. You are victory and success waiting to manifest. It is what God says that matters and His word is the final word.

This book is about people who have been criticized, falsely accused and abused just because of who they are. It’s also about favoritism, marriages destroyed and broken friendships. It identifies the motives behind the insults, the traumatizing effects it can have on a person, the possible repercussions, and it reveals who’s really behind it all, and teaches you how to deal with your oppressors. This God inspired book gives an inside look into the author’s person trials, tragedies, and triumph, and reveals a family secret about the day words became actions and the miracle that followed.