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Michael L. Russo’s new book, The Via Dolorosa: A Forensic and Spiritual Treatise on the Salvific Work of Jesus Christ,  provides a learning, emotional, and spiritual experience for the reader. Russo continues, “Through the use of the actual sites on the Via Dolorosa the reader can be drawn into the events of Calvary and share in the devotion embraced by millions of pilgrims over the centuries.” The author’s mission and expectation is that this book will deepen the understanding of what Jesus Christ suffered for the salvation of mankind.

“…[This book] is newsworthy because it brings to life the Via Dolorosa (the Way of Sorrows) to everyone without focusing on a specific theology,” states the author. “The book combines forensic studies with actual sites that exist today so that a visual impression can help the reader to enter into a deeper meditation and devotion as he or she reflects on the passion and death of Jesus Christ.”