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Patti Miller Dunham is a popular speaker who has also found success in many realms of the business world. Her business success started in the cosmetics industry where she launched a successful South Texas territory for a national cosmetics company. Later she founded her own cosmetics company and watched it grow throughout thirty states across the United States. With the business entrepreneur spirit growing inside her, she moved on and co-founded an international photography supply company, which has stayed in the family for twenty-two years.

Since 1978, Dunham has conducted an adjunct-speaking career. As a speaker at major conventions across the United States and Hawaii, Patti was asked by the Zig Ziglar Corporation if it could reproduce one of her speeches to train their own salespeople. Her life testimony of how she found Jesus Christ through the challenges that she faced then put her on a national speaking circuit for Christian events across the United States.

Patti has found the daily, constant peace that “passes all understanding” that people are looking for, and she has steadily maintained it for several years. In her personal and professional journeys, she has been desperate and at the bottom of the pit more than once through life’s devastating circumstances. In the process of climbing her way to the top of the pit, she sought God with all her heart and asked for help. “Living Right Side Up in an Upside Down World” is a sequel to this new author’s first popular book, “I Saw Heaven” which has recently affected thousands of people around the world. Patti shows in simple detail how she is consistently living with stability, hope and peace in this unstable world.