About the Authors

bill and em johnson have been sharing positive, powerful, proven, life-changing principles for more than fifty years. They have been honored nationally and internationally for their work with people of all ages. They currently live in Kentucky.

Bill and Em have been given many titles, honors, awards and other accolades from Small Companies to Major Corporations, Communities, Churches Organizations, Civic Club and Universities. Wife Em has always been the Motivator behind the Motivator.

Bill has been called, a Teacher and Trainer, Consultant and Counselor and Program Advisor, He has taught the Teacher, Trained the Trainer, Educated the Educator, Helped the Helpless, Doctored the Deprived, Challenged Federal and State prison Inmates. and Motivated the Motivators. He has been called Mr. Inspiration, Mr. Love, Master Motivator, People Doctor, Success Agent and The Engineer of Human Success.

Bill and Em Johnson love people, they think they are great.