Book 1

Authors Bill and Em Johnson pen an enlivening read rousing readers to find the bliss in the banal, and the blessings in the bleak in This Happiness Never Wears Out. Bill and Em Johnson create new worlds of optimism to inspire you to overcome any challenge. This book stimulates you to get to the root of your emotional unease and develop empowering techniques to help you reach your goals. In This Happiness Never Wears Out, you will be given the tools that:

•Enable you to gain motivation while reading success stories of some of the successful people in the United States.

•Give you a broad perspective on problem solving, as you access quotes of wisdom from notable celebrities and unique sayings from the authors of this book.

•Prompt you to comprehend any roadblock to your happiness and positivity through fun, insightful charts and questionnaires.

•Hone your ability to overcome victimhood, while analyzing feelings of emptiness.

Bill and Em Johnson communicate with remarkable passion and an endearing enthusiasm that is contagious. This book is perfect for an emotional or spiritual pick up, or for enriching insight on perpetuating a consistent sense of joy. They also include practical lessons on avoiding “Unrealistic” emotional responses and accept that we are all essentially a work in progress. This book is essential for anyone struggling to see the silver lining in life or for those who have managed to master inner peace and inner joy.