“I highly recommend this book, especially for those who are called upon to pass through this valley of shadows”.

Dr. Neil R. Lightfoot, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Abilene Christian University, and Author of How We Got the Bible and Everyone’s Guide to Hebrews

“For Harold and Jane Ann Derr, the journey has been exceeding fruitful. I predict that as you read this book, you will cry, you will laugh, and you will be encouraged. At least, that’s what happened when I read it.”

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages and Love As a Way of Life.

“The title of this book is God’s gift to those of us who need just a peek through the curtain. Although Christians are to live by faith and not by sight, Harold Derr’s description of his final vision is compelling evidence of the land that God’s people have talked and sung about for so long.”

Charlie Walton, author of When There Are No Words

“I highly recommend Jane Ann Derr’s book for anyone who has lost a loved one. The theme of the book is to point us to an eternal life with Jesus, and she has done that in a masterful way.”

Grace Farrar, recipient of the 2010 Alumna of the Year Award from Harding University College of Nursing and medical missionary in West Africa

“In God’s House! Beautiful! Let’s Go!, Jane Ann Derr has told us more than we have a right to ask. She has let us into the world of her marriage, her family, her work, her loss, her fears, and her happiness. She has let us into her faith in God and her devotion to Jesus Christ. She has let us into her husband’s illness and death, and into the grief and resolve of her life as the one who survived. But her real interest is what she has seen of the goodness and mercy of God”

Stephen E. Broyles, author of The Wind that Destroys and Heals