“This book was an inspiration to me. I enjoyed reading about mission work and the family’s challenges during their time in the mission field.

J. Bates, San Diego, CA

“Excellent book!  What does it mean to step out on faith? We often talk about it but here is an opportunity to take a journey with Harold and Jane Ann as they take their family from the comforts we all expect to an environment most of us would not want to endure. Their love for the Lord and others allowed them to make this journey and now this book allows us to travel along and see what it really is like to be a missionary. I enjoyed the book and I am sure you will also.”

Bruce Warmbrod, Cumming, GA

“I loved this book! This book is wonderful to read and it’s so inspirational. It really made me step back and think about how I can become a better Christian.”

Lisa Altman, Gainesville, GA

“What an inspiring book. This family left the security of familiar surroundings and moved to Africa as missionaries, taking their five children with them. Nothing happened as expected. First the other family that was to join their work, left to return to America. The book is very honest with all the disappointments. Through it all they “stayed the course” and were sure of God’s love and protection. What an inspiration to everyone who reads this story. As I read it, I felt that I was there. Jane Ann Derr will have more books that will be welcomed.”

Jack Coker, Birmingham, AL

“I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. Everyone interested in what missionaries go through to share the gospel should definitely read this book. I laughed, I cried, and I was challenged in my own faith by the Derr family’s commitment and perseverance. Her honesty and vulnerability was amazing. I highly recommend this book.”

Dr. Steve Jackson, Pastor Newsong Community Church, Cumming, GA

“We both found Trailblazing With God quite interesting, reflecting faith, dedication and perseverance – especially in Harold. A brave man, that Harold.”

Ruth and Robert Leon Gibson, Santa Ana, CA