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Where Demons Hide
Execute the Judgment of Truth (Zechariah 8:16 KJV) Predicated on the written Word of God

Where Demons HideWithin the pages of James Woods’ new book, Where Demons Hide, readers will learn the truth about the devil, the spiritual enemy of all believers and mankind. Christ’s church shall come to realize all of the enemy’s schemes and tactics, that they have the authority to overtake him and destroy his plans.

“The most important thing is that we have a Creator who is in charge of ALL things and makes these things known to us that we may give him the glory,” states the author. “The mission of this book is to awake Christians and the world of their spiritual power over evil that was given them by the God of the universe.”

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An Urgent Survival Guide For Those Left-Behind

The Guide will help you in seeing what others won’t be able to see, it will show you predictable events that with advanced warning and alertness you may be able to escape these horrific events.

Where Demons Hide

If you are reading this before the most spectacular, earthshaking event of the history of the planet has ever witnessed, then thank God you were led to read this before that event happened.

If you are reading this Guide after this great event, the Rapture, you now know what you have heard about the “end-times” is true. This is your opportunity, right now to have a personal miracle that will save you from perishing. You are encouraged at this time right now before reading any further to go to page 96 and say the prayer with conviction, mean it with all your heart, go now.

The Guide is a literary-prophetic-picture of the next seven years of the darkest events the earth has ever seen. The evilest, the most diabolical, satanic-period of man’s history on planet earth.

The Guide is to motivate the reader to partake in a new awareness of these troubling times and turn to the Truth.

James Woods II a graduate of Shiloh Bible Institute where he was extensively and in an expository-manner taught the Word of God in Biblical knowledge and in Biblical truth.

His previous book Where Demons Hide is filled with spiritual knowledge of what is taking place in societies and cultures in the world today. Evil never rest and has been going on since the beginning of man’s creation and will go on until its appointed-time of its demise, soon, there will be no evil.

For further reading into the spiritual-realm and more on demonic-influence read; by this Author; “Where Demons Hide” in the spiritual-realm where demonic-activity exist, link on the back cover of the book.