Book Detail An Urgent Survival Guide For Those Left-Behind

An Urgent Survival Guide For Those Left-Behind
Surviving the Great Tribulation

CCV; Christian’s Clear Vision

God gave us His written Word, so we can understand distinctively with discernment to have a clear vision of what is happening and what is coming and not be deceived. We are talking about the end-times of the end-time, the last-days of the last-days. Our world is a powder-keg, leaders of some countries are flexing their military muscles and testing each other’s wits, what a dangerous game, evil is rising to new levels.

All that is going on in the world, in our societies, evil is on the rise at such an alarming rate, so many copy-cat killings, brutal torturing’s, senseless and relentless murders, people killing their children, children killing their parents with no remorse!

Our physical life has spiritual characteristics attached to it, we do not live on this planet alone. We are surrounded by a kingdom of darkness that is more real than our physical realm.

We coexist with sadistic very aggressive evil creatures of the spirit realm; this spirit realm is neither known of, nor attainable to, the human without spiritual revelation. The mind of the human, his intellect, his conscience, his ability to reason, his thinking is twisted with a cloak of deception to where wrong seems right and right seems wrong to him. The moral corruption of the reprobate mind [Rm. 1:28; 1 Cor. 9:27] and his depravity has an irresistible bias towards evil.

Preface; God’s Plan

Dispensations are God’s administration of arrangements’ of His plan for man-kind. The administrative dealings with man and governments. Keeping alignment where man is going according to God’s will. Dispensation means, “stewardship” “office” “commission” [1 Cor. 9:17; Eph. 1:10-3:2; Col. 1:25;] also means “law” or “arrangement” of a house. Dispensation refers to God’s plan of salvation. Some dispensations lasted a thousand-plus years, some lasted hundreds.

There were 6 dispensations and there will be a 7th and a 8th. The first dispensation was the dispensation of “Innocence” the second dispensation was the dispensation of “Conscience” where Adam and Eve were consciously aware of their sin. The third, the dispensation of “Human Government” then the dispensation of, “Promise” this dispensation opened with God’s call to Abram. Next was the dispensation of “Law” deliverance was fulfilled under Moses and the actual giving of the Law, the Ten Commandments; within the year of the exodus. Now, the dispensation of “Grace” which began with the birth of Christ and will continue to His 2nd coming. There will be a dispensation of “Divine Government” when Christ reigns and rules on earth for a thousand years, this will be His “Millennial Kingdom.”After this will be the “Perfect Age” ALL is perfect, no defilement of any sort. There will be a new heaven and a new earth, ALL things will be pure,  holy, and righteous,  this is the eternal purpose of God for ALL His people, for ever and ever, Amen!


There are many years of epidemics, plagues, cosmic disturbances, severe natural disasters and very lethal judgments, God will be working behind the scenes of these catastrophes.

During these times, right choices must be made and one thing that must not be done, this revealed at “You Have Two Choices.” It will take a well informed person to survive these years of judgments. Something super-natural happened with the disappearance of multiple-billions of people and with those uninformed it will send them into mind shocking and distressing flashes of horror.

Man has brought these catastrophes upon himself with his rebellious behaviors and his wicked ways. The conscience of man is numb to God’s truth because of the spiritual-mental blindness to God’s truth, [1 Cor. 4:4] from all the worldly junk that man delves into.

What Just Happened? 

The disappearance of billions of people was a pre-arranged event (the rapture) from God to take His children (believers) from this earth and miss the awful judgments that the unsaved will experience. True Christians were taken, and non-believers were left-behind. Those left-behind will experience a seven-year tribulation period. Some will live in painful regrets while others will welcome the change and move along with the misleading and misguided status-quo to the depths of hell. Life will not be the same, a grim-delusion will over-take the minds of those deceptive behinders.

Day-in-day-out the media is abundantly full of misfortunes, catastrophes, heartbreaks, disturbing evil-tragedies and disasters that kill hundreds and thousands. The rapture that is soon coming (if it hasn’t happened as yet) is an event that will re-direct the thoughts and minds of the population of the world. This prophetic end-time event will offer them a way out of the evil-chaos consuming the planet.

Why Did This Happen?