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When we ask the right question, it can change everything.

Book Cover, Was Church God's Idea?For 1700 years there has been a question waiting to be asked. Every reformer in Church history has had the opportunity to ask it, but has not. Perhaps the question was awaiting the proper timing, God’s timing. Tyndale, Luther, and the Anabaptist all asked important questions; questions that changed history at that time.

Today there is a mass exodus from traditional churches, estimated at one million per year. There are literally untold millions more, who will never darken the doorway of any type of church. This is happening in America, which was, at one time, accepted as the world’s most Christian nation. Everyone who cares about these matters is wondering why this is. Books have been written, blog posts without end, Church growth seminars, and much more. All are attempting to answer this daunting question, “Why has Church failed?”

Ask the right question, and you can change your world. If enough people ask the right question, it just might change the entire world. What is the right question?

Was Church God’s Idea?

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