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The book “Was Church God’s Idea?”
How many saw the first movie “The Matrix”?
Neo always had this feeling that something was wrong. But he could never put his finger on exactly what it was. Then Morpheous comes on the scene and shares with Neo, that the problem is so vast that it can not be adequately explained, but must be seen. Morpheous tells Neo, “All I am offering is the truth.”  He holds out his hands with a pill in each; one is red, and one is blue. Continuing, he says, “If you take the blue pill,  you will wake up in your bed tomorrow morning, free to believe whatever you want to believe. Or take the red pill, and I will show you just how far the rabbit hole goes. Once you see this, there is no turning back.”

This book “Was Church God’s Idea?” is the red pill. If you like your church world, just as it is, DO NOT read this book. But if you have had a nagging feeling for a long while that something just is not right with church, but you just can not put your finger on the REAL problem; then read this book, and we will journey together.