About the Author

Sherry Loeffler is a Christian writer from Canada, who lives in Stouffville, Ontario. She has self published two children’s picture books – BUSY BUZZING BEES and AMBITIOUS ANTSY ANTS. She has also published two adult mysteries featuring Tiffany Rose, Jeremy’s mother. Tiffany is a single parent who detects crime scenes and helps solve cases. Tiffany’s two books are part of the HOW NOT TO mystery series – HOW NOT TO CRUISE THE HIGH SEAS and HOW NOT TO LOSE A LIBRARIAN.

Sherry had done children’s programs in her church for many years. She has two children – Tim (wife is Diana) and Hollie, and five grandchildren – Kristi, Kyle, Jean-Marc, Victoria and Noah, and one great grandchild, Chloe. She has always wanted to teach children and loves to be around them. She wants to see more good moral books on store shelves to help children develop into moral, Christian men and women.