A True Story of God’s Grace and Love

I could not put this book down. Yes a miracle. Every hospital in American should have it in their gift stores…
— Robert Leatherwood

What a wonderful testimonial of God’s love and the power of prayer. It is an amazing journey of faith
— Pat Black

I read this story and could not put it down…in fact I immediately read it a second time…what a wonderful story! It shows that miracles happen today
— Mike Novak

What a wonderful, true story of a mother’s love and of God’s faithfulness. Thank you for stepping out beyond your comfort zone to share your experience
— Desiree Young

It is a true miracle…I believe and pray everyday
— Rhonda Dobin-Silver

This is a wonderful book…I loved it…I read the whole thing in one seating
— Rose Storz

I thought your book was wonderful, inspirational and very touching
— Fred Hale

WOW!!! What a testimony…this should be in hospitals as encouragement to others of God’s power, hope and grace
— Joanna Bryant

What a great story! Very inspiring!! Truly a miracle
— Bob Bottini