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Author. Politically Minded. Entrepreneur. Fabulous Knitter. Christ Lover.

While those who know me would not have guessed in a million years I would have written a book like Christianity and Politics, my appreciation for science, love for theology and commitment to healthy, fruitful relationships almost destined me to write this kind of book. After a life-altering conversation with a dear friend almost a decade ago around the topic of politics, I began to realize people have a deep connection to political parties and ideologies in this country, especially “conservative”, Evangelical Christians (of which I am one).

I had never considered such an exclusively loyal allegiance. While I had and have a respect and appreciation for politics, I had not worshipped any person or party, and I had no plans to start. Because my relationship with my friend did not survive that conversation, I was determined to figure out how this could happen over something as non-eternal as politics.

I knew discovering answers to my questions was no different from any other time I needed answers and there seemed to be none. For three days following my conversation with my friend, I burned the midnight oil reading the Bible from cover to cover. The Bible had always been my compass when I needed sound direction or answers to difficult questions, and I was confident it would lead me in the right direction and give me the right answers this time. And it did!

In Christianity and Politics, we discuss confusing and complex topics like how we as Jews and Christians came to be governed by worldly political systems and how we are to respond to this “new normal.” We also discuss complicated and divisive topics to include labels like “conservative” and “liberal,” embryonic stem cell research, caring for the “least of these” in society, abortion, the initiation of life and where it is found, same-sex” marriage” and Universal health care. The Bible is replete with insights that answer many of our politically charged questions and I systematically unravel the complexities of these topics in a way that a fifth-grader could understand!

It’s my hope that Christianity and Politics will be a resource for us to engage in meaningful discussions around politics one conversation at a time. The purpose of this book is not to persuade the reader to choose one political direction over another, but to remind us as Christians that being “salt” & “light” in our conversations and interactions with one another is paramount to God.

I received my BS in Nursing from The University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and my Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. After a short stint in nursing, I joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) for over six years before joining leadership with The Impact Movement in 1999. In 2012, I founded Hesed Consulting, Inc., where I assist other nonprofits in financial and human resource development.

For most of my adulthood, I thought my life choices and adventures did not make sense; there seemed to be no common theme. Only after writing this book did I realize I was looking at the “tapestry” of my life from the back side! God was weaving this masterpiece called “my life” to create the story found in the pages of Christianity and Politics. I believe if every Christian will shine their light (Christ in them) brightly, no matter the cost, those around us who do not have our light will want our Light and we will live the most fulfilled life ever imagined!