Christmas of Discovery

Carolyn Priester Jones’s book, Christmas of Discovery, provides readers with reflective opportunities that will allow them, not only to celebrate Jesus’s birth, but also their new birth in Him.

Carolyn sends an invitation to join the ultimate Christmas Party!  She says, “You and Jesus are the Guests of Honor!  He has brought you Presents of Love, Joy, Peace and best of all — Life to the Fullest with Him!”

Carolyn has combined devotionals with reflective questions that invite safe passage to the reader’s personal reflection.  Two  questions  at the end of each chapter invite the reader into personal conversation with God.

Christmas of Discovery is not a book to be viewed from a distance.  It is a book designed to draw the reader through the gateway of its pages into their own Christmas of Discovery!  It can be used for personal meditation or as a part of family or small group sharing.

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