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Book authorRaised the son of a technical assistant involved in the production of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module,  young Frank (“Theo” as he was then called) did not fully appreciate what it meant to grow up in the America that would soon place a man on the moon.  —Nor did he appreciate the common, everyday, blessings then enjoyed by those surrounding him in his early youth: the simple programing on screens of black and white (and then “color”!)  presenting the masked heroes of the early West: The Lone Ranger & Tonto, for example, or the big-hearted Bonanza with the sons of Ben Cartwright . . . later to be serenaded by Julie Andrews and her adoptive clan in The Sound of Music.  America, it seemed to him, was truly a “melting pot” wherein an individual’s ideas and dreams could ultimately be realized.  —Before personal rights had become radicalized, within an uncluttered world, where the echoes of Dr. King’s speech concerning the content of one’s character were easily identified within the country’s unquestioned #1 Book: the Holy Bible.


He held on to those dreams: birthed just before “the Eagle [had] landed” (on the moon), Dr. King’s million man march (and later, assassination) had taken place, or the space shuttle Challenger had fallen from the sky in a disaster that would take the lives of seven astronauts, just  after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center (in 1986).


Meanwhile having dropped out of college, Frank would defer degree requirements until after having gone into the Service to ride the waves and try his hand at learning a trade; marrying his wife and having three children; while also developing a passion for sharing the Word—and discovering that persecution can come easily to a young man committed to purity within the US naval Service.  The outcome was not only to be delivered from his persecutors but be promoted to a higher rank, after his ship spent one day in the troubled waters off the coast of Vietnam, and the war ended.  This experience would forever change the perspective of this young man who had  spent his  teens as an avowed Atheist.  For Frank has also tested the waters of agnosticism and mental asceticism, before finding them dry and unfulfiling to his  young soul.


In returning to the faith in which he was raised, however, a new determination had arisen: a need to know God, if possible, as the prophets of old.  This was his new dream, and in this new quest, he immersed himself in the Scriptures—only to find that their prophetic writings were beginning to awaken something within—and that he, as well, was also starting to come alive in a manner that even riding the waves and confronting social rejection could not drown: either off the coast of Vietnam or in the waters of everyday living in which he would find himself swimming, at times, upstream.

Then, in 1987 he received a revelation of what he calls the “eagles wings interpretation:” a merging of two systematic prophetic perspectives found both in the prophet Daniel’s writings, and John’s Apocalypse.  He also discovered that this interpretation is also forwarded by the other teachers, but with three distinct differences:


1.      The third beast (spotted leopard) of Daniel 7, he states, represents those of the third world being given ascendency (“dominion”) –a view since vindicated by the changing economic and political climate, in both the US and world at large (with Colon Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and now President Obama rising  . . .)


2.      His persistent belief that the lion with eagle’s wings (Daniel 7:4) does not represent Great Britain, at all—even when its wings are plucked: but the United States, morphing into a humanist state.


3.      The temple that is to be (or was) built is exactly the same as the one the Scriptures have described in Acts 15:15-17 & Zechariah 6:12, etc. 


Around these simple doctrines swirl an amazing set of explanations concerning current events that are right now continuing to be played out.  It is because of the urgent ramifications of these simple truths that the earlier book (on THE KEYS . . .) was written, exposing the meaning of Christ’s “midnight cry” within Matthew’s gospel.  His later work, however, places a greater emphasis on the danger this also poses to his own, beloved, America hidden in the clocks. 

These “clocks” (or 3½ clocks, as he calls them) form a vortex around which many other present day revelations (both within and without John’s Revelation) now revolve.


No longer commuting to and from the city in which he was born (NYC) Frank now camps outside of its borders (“up state”) with his wife Sharon where he continues to watch our changing world continue to morph into the global and geopolitical economy so vividly portrayed within the Holy Scriptures, and explained within the simple pages of his books.  To you, his readers, he also gives Christ’s urgent invitation:

“And what I say unto you I say unto all, ‘Watch’.”

—Jesus Christ: (Mark 13:37)