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Keys to the ApocalypseKEYS TO THE APOCALYPSE
Connecting the Dots…

Pages: 328
Dimensions: 6X9
Category: RELIGION – Christian Theology

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He’s no genius, F T Chisholm insists in the opening chapter of this book – yet in 1987 after hearing his pastor warn that God was taking the American economy (and stock market) for a dive before it actually happened, he thought he heard echoes in Bible prophecy.  Planes had been falling out of the sky, and the shuttle disaster had recently occurred.  Were America’s wings being plucked?  Daniel’s prophecy seemed to say so.  In four years his analysis was dramatically born out in the cooperation of the US and former Soviet Union (a venture we are still completing, today…).

He maintains that the principle key to unlocking Bible prophecy is never found in great, overbearing, complexity – but in a simple willingness to acknowledge what God is saying to us.  The reader will find that this is, indeed, the focus of his book: being able to make simple use of prophetic “keys.” Not only is the original “eagle’s wings” interpretation found here-but another gold mine as well, unveiled in what he calls the “3 1/2 clocks” – a powerful link to Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy, centering around the return of the nation of Israel to her land. These “clocks” then open the way to a serious warning given by Jesus in His parable of the ten virgins. Open this book prayerfully, as you discover the danger (and hope) past midnight when making use of these “keys to the apocalypse”—may prove critical to our survival.