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BIBLICAL CREATION TRUTH {Copyright@2012} is presented herein in  THREE PARTS. Each PART covers relevant topics from different angles. As such, biblically significant material has been deliberately repeated so as to stress upon those biblical facts relating to creation that have been overlooked if not ignored.

PART ONE  deals with  Atheistic Evolution v/s Biblical Creation Truth. It upholds the supremacy of Biblical Authority over and against fallible human theories.  Subsequently, the decaying rotten root of the Evolutionary Tree is exposed and the Atheistic Theory of Evolution  which “ contradicts at every turn by the empirical evidence of science itself” (see Norman C. Nevin, op. cit., p. 219) is debunked.

PART TWO deals with  God’s Works of Physical Creation covering three distinct periods. Against this background, the weaknesses of the Traditional SixDay Creationism are exposed to show its biblical and scientific inaccuracy. Next, the fallacy of “smuggling” evolutionary concepts into the Bible by the Theistic Evolutionists (http://www. gci. org/co/evolution gci. org/book/ theistic.evolution/ is addressed here in Theistic Evolution. Should biblically-committed Christians embrace the Atheistic Theory of Evolution ? The logical and scientific response is an unequivocal NO! []

PART THREE covers all the THREE PHASES of God’s physical works in detail.

PHASE ONE  deals with the creation of the angelic host followed by the creation of heavens and earth in the dateless past [Genesis 1:1]. The fact that Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 are mutually exclusive accounts in spite of the much-debated grammatical connection between these two verses is explained. {For a detailed, clear and convincing explanation by Jack W. Langford  click > APPENDIX-A  and APPENDIX-B}. Next, appeal is made to Proverbs 8:27-31 as this unique passage complements Genesis 1:1 with clear additional details. This Section explains how Proverbs 8:26c -31 prove that the original primeval earth of Genesis 1:1 was then actually teemed with PRE-ADAMIC LIFE  including preAdamic  ‘sons of men’  in whom the “WISDOM of GOD” delighted, before they sinned, of course. This may sound heretical but it is purely a biblical fact, nonetheless! The fact that God never took delight in any group of sinful men, barring a few elect, at any time after Adam’s fall (Romans 1:18-32)is emphasized. Next,  BIBLICAL GAP THEOLOGY  has been propounded in which the existence of pre-historical men prior to Adam is ascertained based solely upon the exegesis of Proverbs 8:31b, without relying upon any fossil evidence. Objections against the controversial Biblical Gap between the events of Genesis 1:1 and 1:3 are dealt with and the same are convincingly refuted.

PHASE TWO comprising the  TRUE BIBLICAL SIXDAY CREATIONISM is next dealt with. The typological and prophetic significance is highlighted, pointing to God’s works of spiritual redemption in the course of six millenial days under Satan’s rule on earth. (See APPENDIX-C and APPENDIX-D). Subsequently, the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth during the Millennial Sabbath is explained.

PHASE THREE covers the prophesied creation of new heavens and earth. The new creation is not by evolution nor in six days but by fiat; perhaps instantly, but certainly not in the course of billions of years. This core biblical fact should rule out any past imaginary ‘creation by evolution‘  in the course of ‘billions of years’ .

Human Destiny is to be spiritually saved by being spirituallyBorn Again‘, and become a  New Creation in Christ. Man’s immediate spiritual need is to know how one can be saved  and become a true Christian. As such, the book concludes with a theologically significant  EPILOGUE  with an evangelical focus. The genuinely repentant Believer’s new  Spiritual Creation in Christ  after God’s own Image and Likeness is briefly addressed herein. Ultimately, Man’s Sublime Position in Christ is the epitome of God’s purpose for creating the physical Man after His own Image and Likeness. This fact, in itself, rules out any imaginary evolutionary descent of man from some ‘mythical common ancestor’. [http://www.].