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A TREATISE on SCRIPTURAL CREATIONISM – Affirming a Radical Evangelically-Based  Biblical Theology of Creation Covering Three Distinct Creation Epochs   
        “BIBLICAL CREATION TRUTH” differs from the traditional Biblical Creation Truth  and recent controversial theories of  creationism. Contrary to the prevailing confusing theories of creation, the “heavens and earth“ of Genesis 1:1 were perfect (Deuteronomy  32:4) and very beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11).  Genesis 1:1, in  just one short blessed sentence, covers within its grasp the ‘totality of a perfect creationThis fact is corroborated by Proverbs 8:22-31, narrating a primeval creation.
         In no way, Proverbs 8:27-31 are parallel with Genesis 1:3-31 but actually complement Genesis 1:1 with additional details. Next, Proverbs 8:27-31 does not mention chaos on the primeval earth thereby proving that the chaos of Genesis 1:2 was of a much later occurrence. Moreover, notwithstanding  scripturally unjustified denial, Proverbs 8:26c-31 prove  that the original earth was teemed with life, including  pre-adamic ‘sons of men‘ in whom God’s Wisdom delighted. With the exception of only those elect ones who are in Christ [Deuteronomy 10:15], God would never take delight in the fallen unregenerated ‘sons of men‘ at any time. Subsequent to Adam’s fall, man’s heart has been evil all along and desperately wicked [Romans 3:9-18]. Sinful fallen unregenerated ‘sons of men‘, have never been and could never be delightful but rather wholly abhorring and loathsome to a holy God [Psalms 53:1-3].
         Undoubtedly, a faulty interpretation of Genesis 1:1-31 and Exodus 20:11 lies behind the ‘battle for a true view of the beginning‘. If these Scriptures, along with Proverbs 8:22-31, were objectively interpreted, taking into account Genesis 2:4 relating to ‘Beginnings, it would be clear that there were two beginnings of God’s works of creation; one, in the eternity past (2 Peter 3:5), and the other, in the realm of time (2 Peter 3:7), leaving no room for any debate relating to the origins or the age of the universe. Notwithstanding any biased opinions about the Gap Theory, in between these two historical beginnings we have sufficient Scriptural ground to account for Pre-historical Pre-Adamic Life on the primeval earth of Genesis 1:1; and, its subsequent destruction as is evident from Genesis 1:2 and related Scriptures, followed by a reconstruction of the chaotic earth and restoration of life on it in six days [Genesis 1:3-31].  Scriptures as well as geological  findings provide sufficient basis to formulate Pre-historical Pre-Adamic Theology. Accordingly, the controversial Gap Theory based on the ignored <Gap> between Genesis 1:1 and 1:3 can be conveniently replaced by relevant Biblical Gap Theology as is confidently and convincingly attempted in this maiden treatise.
         The current debates relating to the ages of the universe or of the earth are, undoubtedly, futile exercises displaying gross human ignorance through guesses which are but fruits of sinful intellectual vanity. God emphatically says ‘no man can ever really find out about His works‘ [Ecclesiastes 3:11]; or, about the nature of origins, or about the age and composition of the universe. As such, all human effort to probe into the unseen is a sheer exercise in futility! No wonder fallible human theories based on mere speculation keep on mutating!
         It’s time we admit our failure to consider all the Scriptures relating to creation and interpret the biblical creation accounts appropriately! And next, with faith, come to grips with the revealed Biblical Creation Truth, for ‘His Name’s sake‘; even as we look forward to the creation of new heavens and a new earth in the etemity future (2 Peter 3:13). Obviously, the new heavens and earth will not be ‘created‘ through the course of billions of years of some vague evolutionary processes, nor in six days, but almost instantly by fiat!
         The prophesied future instant creation of new heavens and earth should rule out, once for all, past creation of the original heavens and earth of Genesis 1:1 and Proverbs 8:22-31 in six days as is erroneously believed and taught contrary to Biblical and Natural Revelation by the Traditional and the more recent Young Earth Six-Day Creationists. Similarly, an instant creation of new heavens and a new earth by fiat should rule out any imaginary scientifically unfounded ‘evolution of the present heavens and earth through billions of years as is zealously taught by the high priests of the “Goddess of Chance” and vague Mythical Atheistic Evolutionism. Subsequently, we need to reject all Christianized ‘Creation and Evolution‘ Versions prompted by Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Concepts reverently believed and taught by the Theistic Roman Catholic Moderate Evolutionists [cfPope Benedictsee also Evolution and the Pope] as well as by the Protestant-Evangelical and Other Brands of Theistic Evolutionists. The new versatile versions of theistic evolution are vigorously defended by their protagonists in spite of the lack of relevant biblical and scientific evidence; and, in spite of the abysmally abject and annoying Failure of the Theories of Evolution to Account for the Miracle of Life as well as to Account for the Existence of Human Intelligence
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