About the Author

Author Ronda Moore and FamilyRonda Moore is the first to admit that for years she tried to live the Christian life without the key component, Christ. The day she truly gave her life to the Lord, He changed her forever. She says writing and publishing this book is a modern day miracle in her life and that she hopes to be an example of what God can and will do with ordinary people.

“It is my deepest desire that after reading this book, lives will be changed, hearts will be mended and decisions for Jesus Christ will be made in every tribe, every tongue and every nation,” expresses author Ronda Moore. “In today’s trying times, it is of the greatest importance to know about the true limitless love of the Living God for all creation… and His unfailing desire to equip them for His service as He opens their eyes to their position in His eternal kingdom.”  Here is Ronda’s prayer for this book:

Father God,
This book is not about me it is about You. It is all about glorifying Your name through Your Son Jesus Christ. This book is about every lost soul in every nation. Oh, Father through this book I ask for the Nations. In Jesus Name I am asking and believing for the salvation of lost souls in every tribe, every tongue, and every Nation.  Amen.