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Messenger of God’s Love: Loving the UnlovelyDreams, Visions, and Modern Day Healings.

Satan has lost his position in God’s Kingdom. He is trying everything food, drugs, health and beauty, money, sex, entertainment, hate and violence, and more to distract the race of man from our position in God’s Created Universe.

I have dreamed of a literal Hell where I woke up and stood face to face with Satan the true enemy of the race of man. Our last breath on this Earth is our first breath in Eternity.

I have had visions of God’s grace, God’s mercy, and God’s eternal and unconditional love for His children.

I have experienced real healing from alcohol, drugs and illness. I also believe that I suffer from things that are not in God’s perfect plan for me to be healed of until I receive my new body.

I do not believe that God has stopped talking to His people or doing miracles in their lives if they ask and seek Him with their whole heart according to His perfect plan. God loves us all of us. God desires a close, personal, intimate relationship with each one of us for all Eternity. Eternity is forever and ever, time without end.