Churches and Retailers

Book Retailers: This book is available to full-time retailers (stores with normal daily business hours) through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. Contact Ingram Book Company  at  One Ingram Blvd  LaVerge, TN  37086.  Phone 800-937-8000.   Contact Spring Arbor Distributors by calling 800-395-4340.  If you prefer to order books directly from my publisher, Xulon Press, they offer a flat discount of 40% on all book orders, no minimum. They accept credit cards upon order-no billing or credit terms available. To place an order call Book Sales Rep at 1-866-381-2665 exten. 1163 or 1173, or email:

Churches & Ministries: A generous discount is given on my book to Christian churches and ministries (note: Churches with full-time bookstores the INFORMATION above applies to you).  Otherwise they offer a 30% discount on all books, no minimum. Initial orders must be placed via fax on church or ministry letterhead, please include Federal Tax ID number and fax to: 407-339-9898, Attn: Book Sales Rep.  All orders must be paid in cash or credit card upon order. No credit terms or billing available.

Libraries: Books can be ordered through Ingram Book Company (above) for their normal terms or directly through Xulon Press for a 30% discount, no minimum. Initial orders placed with Xulon Press must be placed via fix on library letterhead. Fax to 407-339-9898, Attn. Book Sales Rep

Audio Book: All audio books (4 cd collection) comes direct from the author, Donald Hart. A generous 50% discount is offered (minimum of 5). Please send email to: for ordering details. This is for all Retailers, Churches and Libraries.